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Manicures & Pedicures


Nail Treatment Manicure


A simple manicure that is enough to get the job done. Cuticles are trimmed, nails filed and topped off with an ending polish.

Lemon Margarita manicure


You’ve been up all night studying and the only way to get through it is with a little pampering. with key ingredients, including Vitamin E, C, and A, this will help your hands regain their youthful appearance and keep you from falling asleep during long lectures!

Solar Sun Manicure


The age defying service aids in the repair of rough, dry hands by using Shea Butter & a blend of Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Vitamin E, which keeps nails healthy and hydrated.

Shellac Manicure


Experience the best and only chip free manicure technology with six coveted patents. The superior CND Shellac brand 14 plus day nail color is designed to look/work as a system. High shine. Zero dry time. 14 plus day wear.



Down to Earth Pedicure


This soothing, warming foot buff will exfoliate dead skin cells & lessen callus buildup. A good mask with conditioning volcanic clay will be sure to give your feet an A+. For extra credit, add an intensive moisturizer to aid in repairing those dry, cracked heels.

Peach Cobbler Pie Pedicure


This class project requires your feet to be the research. it begins by exfoliating with a sweet smelling scrub and then use a heated peachy keen mask for added moisture. You won't need to stay after class for this one.

“Oh, my aching…” Pedicure


Don’t be tardy for this ultimate Pedicure. A special blend of Marine Algae Extract, Peppermint Oil Cooling Menthol, Cucumbers, and soothing botanicals are great for active people who need a boost of energy and revitalization to leave feet feeling soft, relaxed and fully moisturized.

Facial Treatments

All treatments include skin analysis, exfoliation, extractions, mask, facial & decolette massage; feet/legs & hands/arms massage, unless specified. A maintenance program is recommended by using VIVANT skincare products between treatments for optimum results.

Please allow 2 hours for the first Acne Facial Treatment – includes a thorough consultation. Please come 15 minutes early to fill out Your History and Waiver form. Please ask if you need any starter sizes of VIVANT products for travelling. All treatments are available in a pre-paid package of 6, and the 6th one is FREE!

Acne Facial Treatment

75 min $80

This treatment is the key for Teens and Adults suffering from Acne. This treatment uses Benzoyl Peroxide, to create oxygen into the pores and therefore killing the bacteria in the pore; AHA’s exfoliates dead skin cells inside/outside of the pore and controls the oil; Vitamin A for cell renewal and also controls oil; All neccessary for acneic skin. This treatment doesn’t include a facial/decollette massage as it would stimulate more acne breakouts.

Acne Treatment for the Back

75 min $80

This treatment is similar to the ACNE FACIAL TREATMENT but increasing the strength of the ingredients, because the skin on the back is thicker than the face. The treatment doesn’t include a back massage as it would stimulate more acne breakouts.

Rosacea Facial Treatment

45 min $50

This inflammatory condition characterized by redness and dilation of blood capillaries usually in the cheeks, nose, and chin area; will need green tea, vitamin C & E, Zinc, Hyaluronic acid, Whole Leaf Aloe Vera – all great for a calming, anti-inflammatory treatment. This treatment doesn’t include a facial/decollete massage as it would stimulate more blood flow to the skin.

Enzyme Steamer with Extraction

30–45 min $35

Enzyme steamer will soften/exfoliate the skin for the extraction process for open/closed comedones, and pustules. This treatment does not include any massaging or a mask. Great for alternating with another facial treatment.

The Ultimate Age Management Facial Treatment

60–70 min $60

This treatment is great for all skin types who are in early stages or late stages of fine lines/wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, dehydration, dry, dilated/visible capillaries, uneven skin tone/texture, inflammation, etc. Adding hydration, antioxidants, and exfoliation will be the sure thing to get your skin on track for a more glowing complexion.

Nail Enhancements


Custom Blending

natural looking - simple - manageable

A style that requires blending of colored powders or colored gels to create one color to compliment the skin tone which is applied across the entire nail. This nail enhancement creates an illusion of longer nail-beds & promotes a “chip–proof” nails that may last up to 3 weeks. This style can be done with bold colors.

This style is available for services:

Available in Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gels.

  • Custom Blending Jar with a 30 Minute Consultation$15
  • One Jar for each Refill$15

Pink & White

simple - clean - compliments any skin tone

This style is designed after the french manicure, but instead of polish, its created with liquid & powder, gels or fiberglass. The base color is a shade of pink and the free edge is a shade of white.

This style is available for services:

Available in Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gels

  • Full set with tips$63
  • Overlays$58
  • Sculpture$68
  • Rebalance (Fill)$40

Bold Colors

fun - easy - wild - simple

This application is specifically designed for a favorite color that likes to be worn all the time. Pick any color of rainbow. Bold color can be also custom blended to your liking. The possibilities are endless. Chip–proof lasting color that may last up to 3 weeks.

This style is available for services:

Available in Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gels — a single color application for a permanent polish look

  • Full set with tips$63
  • Overlays$58
  • Sculpture$68
  • Rebalance$40

Bold Color Two Tone

fun - easy - wild - simple

This application is specifically designed for two colors. Pick any two colors of rainbow. Chip–proof lasting color that may last up to 3 weeks.

This style is available for services:

Available in Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gels — a two color application for a permanent polish look

  • Overlay$57
  • Tips$62
  • Sculptures$67
  • Rebalance$39


Custom Blending Manicure

An exquisite example of a Custom Blended Manicure
A custom blended color applied over the entire nail. One solid color that compliments your skin tone; for very natural looking nails. This service can be combined with a bold colors service. Requires a custom blending jar.

Available in Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gels

  • Full set with tips$66
  • Overlays$60
  • Sculpture$70
  • Rebalance (Fill)$40

Custom Blending Pink & White

Very similar to custom blending manicure, but the free edge (nail tip) is a shade of white. See the Pink & White process. The pink can be varying shades of warm or cool.

Available in Liquid & Powder and Brisa Gels

  • Full set with tips$70
  • Overlays$65
  • Sculpture$75
  • Rebalance (Fill)$43

Liquid & Powder

Also known as Acrylic; made with a liquid and powered combination. This nail enhancement is most widely used, most recognizable, most sophisticated and high tech in the entire beauty industry. Liquid & powder is non-yellowing, most durable, and can easily fix any challenging nails.


This nail enhancement is odorless, flexible, wearable, lasting, versatile, and very shiny. Gels must cure under a UV lamp each time it is applied. There is no such thing as a powdered gel. Gels are a sticky matter that doesn’t air dry like liquid & powder. Brisa Gel by CND is formulated to be hypo allergenic (less likely to cause skin allergies) than any other gel system on the market.

Fiberglass Wraps

This nail enhancement is part of the wrap family and most popular. It is lightweight, very thin, natural looking, and made with a fabric, glue resin and spray activator. Great for a quick nail repair on natural nails. Fiberglass wraps can be alternative to a liquid & powder’s allergic reaction.

The following prices are for Liquid & Powder, Gels, and Fiberglass Wraps.

  • Full Set With Tips$58
  • Overlay$53
  • Sculpture$63
  • Rebalance (Fill)$34

Other Services Offered

Other Nail Services

  • Buff ’n’ Polish$20
  • Polish Change$13
  • Nail Repair$7
  • Paraffin Mask$12
  • Nail Removal with Paraffin mask$35
  • Nail Removal with Nail Treatment Manicure$52

Make Up Services

Using Glominerals Mineral Makeup.
Skin nurturing makeup for beauty with a higher purpose.

  • Special Event Make Up starting at$55
  • Make Up with Lesson starting at$43
  • Touch Up Application$25
  • Product Consultation$25

Glominerals Makeup

Hair Removal

Prices start at:


  • Eyebrow$17
  • Upper Lip$13
  • Chin$12
  • Cheeks$18

Nail Art

Price dependent upon design.

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